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Hexagon Purus Maritime innovates safe hydrogen fuel storage system

Hexagon Purus Maritime provides compressed hydrogen fuel storage systems for ocean vessels, helping to decarbonise the maritime industry. “We have developed an all-new maritime solution based on our decades of experience in land-based industries,” says Robert Haugen, Managing Director of Hexagon Purus Maritime.

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Hydrogen as a fuel source is nothing new. Over 200 years ago, hydrogen was used to power the first internal combustion engine. It is light, storable, energy dense and produces no direct greenhouse gas emissions.

But in order for hydrogen to contribute to the clean energy transition, it must be adopted in sectors where it is almost completely absent today. Maritime is one of these.

“The technology for hydrogen-powered vessels is emerging. To help it mature, we need a complete hydrogen value chain for the maritime industry,” says Haugen.

Complete fuel system for hydrogen

Hexagon Purus Maritime delivers compressed hydrogen fuel storage solutions for the maritime industry.

At the heart of it lies the Hexagon Purus Type 4 composite high-pressure cylinders. Long-lasting and corrosion resistant, the lightweight cylinders have been used in other industries for decades. Now they are helping to turn the maritime industry green.

“Together with our partners, we cover major parts of the maritime hydrogen value chain,” says Haugen.

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The solution comprises both the cylinders and the system around them. This includes piping, valves, pressure gauges, and safety and control systems. It can be mounted on and/or below deck, in individual tanks or bundled in sections. Two basic solutions are available: fixed and swappable.

In the first, the hydrogen storage tanks are fixed on board the vessel. When the vessel is almost empty of the compressed hydrogen fuel, it pulls into port to refuel through a fuelling hose. Alternatively, the vessel sails to port where the empty fuel containers are swapped out with full ones.

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Hexagon Purus Maritime cleans up vessel emissions

Hydrogen is the greenest fuel for vessels, when it is a viable alternative.

“We help to facilitate a zero-emission fuel option for vessels with predictable routes, such as fast ferries and aquaculture workboats. All other power sources emit some CO₂ and NOₓ,” explains Haugen.

As such, the solution will significantly cut carbon emissions in the maritime industry, helping to meet EU climate goals and the International Maritime Organization’s emission reduction targets.

To ensure safety, the Hexagon Purus Maritime system monitors pressure, temperature and other critical parameters. It communicates with the vessel safety and alarm systems to ensure the safety of the vessel and the crew, for example through emergency shutdown or safe venting of the hydrogen.

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Clean hydrogen becoming a huge market

Today, hydrogen is enjoying unprecedented momentum. Moreover, pressure from government policies and regulations, such as the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities and the EU hydrogen strategy, is driving the push towards hydrogen fuel for vessels.

In 2021, Hexagon Purus Maritime was established to meet the increasing demand for zero-emission solutions in the maritime industry. The company is a division of Hexagon Purus, which is part of the Hexagon Group.

“We already have a proven track record in the automotive industry You will find us on buses, trains, trucks and even spaceships. Soon you will see us on maritime vessels around the world,” concludes Haugen.

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At a glance

  • Compressed hydrogen fuel system for vessels

  • Facilitates use of clean hydrogen in the maritime industry

  • Improves safety and efficiency, cuts carbon emissions



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