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  • Ocean Visuals AS

    Ocean Visuals’ unique OWL™ LiDAR sensor system gathers data from the air, from the water surface, and from below the surface using photonics sensors to provide real-time detection and classification of oil and organics in the sea.

    • Energy
    • Ocean Industries
    • High Technology
  • 7Sense Products AS

    7Sense Products has developed an irrigation control system which saves water, protects crops and frees up time for farmers.

    • High Technology
    • Bio and Natural Resources
    • Food and Agriculture
  • Soil Steam International AS

    Soil Steam has created the world’s first device for killing weeds with steam. It lets farmers improve harvests and storage time using less pesticide and fertiliser.

    • Food and Agriculture
  • Hrogn AS

    Bottega Borealis is a culinary delicacy made from the roe of North Atlantic cod. Nearly all production is done by hand.

    • Food and Agriculture
  • Dignio AS

    Dignio enables healthcare providers to monitor a larger number of chronically ill patients safely and efficiently. It gives patients greater independence and better quality of life.

    • High Technology
    • Health
  • Saga Robotics AS

    Saga Robotics has created Thorvald, a platform for autonomous modular robots. Thorvald can be configured to perform tasks in most agricultural environments, making farms more efficient.

    • High Technology
    • Food and Agriculture

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