The Explorer

The Explorer: A digital marketplace for green technology


The Explorer is a matchmaking service for connecting global challenges with green solutions.

“The world is facing increasing economic, social and environmental challenges,” says Helene Friis, Head of Norway’s The Explorer. “But, at the same time, the world is full of companies with more advanced technology than ever before.”

“What we need, is a tool to match the challenges with the companies that can solve them. That is why we created The Explorer,” says Friis.

How The Explorer works

The Explorer is an initiative of the Norwegian government and owes much of its structure to the Global Opportunity Explorer.

“Norway is a pioneer in sustainability. The country is taking an active role in helping the world to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” says Friis.

“The Explorer will give the entire world access to vetted, high-quality technology from Norway.”

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All solutions on The Explorer are linked to specific Sustainable Development Goals and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or other negative impact on the environment.

“The Explorer employs a matchmaking function to connect buyers and investors from around the world with relevant Norwegian companies,” says Friis.

“The platform delivers solutions across a spectrum of industries, from green shipping to food production and smart cities.”

Photo: Hilde Brevig

Helene Friis, Head of The Explorer

Who can use The Explorer?

International companies

Any international company or investor can use The Explorer for free to find trusted companies with vetted solutions.

A matchmaking function locates the most relevant provider for your needs and connects you directly to the right person.

Click here to sign up today. Registration only takes a minute and gives you access to the best green technology for your needs.

Norwegian companies

All Norwegian companies can register for free on The Explorer. Solutions that fulfil the criteria will be published on and included in the matchmaking. They will also be profiled in social media and when Norway is promoted internationally.

The criteria are: * Solutions must be green * Solutions must address at least one UN Sustainable Development Goal * Solutions must come from a company committed to good business practice

The solutions can be small, large, simple, advanced, cheap or expensive. Both established companies and young startups can be part of The Explorer.

Click here to sign up today. You only need to fill out a short form to register, and The Explorer team will follow up and handle the rest.

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