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One in four companies have made new connections via The Explorer

October 16, 2020
By The Explorer
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Green and sustainable solutions from Norway are making their way onto the international market with the help of The Explorer.

In the two years since it was launched by Prime Minister Erna Solberg, The Explorer has grown to feature over 400 solutions to some of the world’s most pressing climate, environmental and sustainability challenges.

At the end of 2020, an internal survey shows that one in four Norwegian companies featured on The Explorer have made new business connections via the platform.

Read on to discover how sustainable solutions from Norway are gaining international recognition with the help of The Explorer.

Found global partners via The Explorer

Norwegian company SpillTech is on a mission to clean up the ports and rivers of the world.

Three of its solutions – the TrashTrawl and tide and robot versions of the PortBin – are featured on The Explorer. According to COO Bård Haug, The Explorer has been invaluable in attracting international partners.


Bård Haug, COO, SpillTech

“Several of our global partners have found us through The Explorer. We are currently in dialogue with ports in Bulgaria and the Boston area — both of which first encountered us on The Explorer.”

“It’s a win-win situation: The Explorer raises awareness of green technology, while companies with sustainable solutions are provided with an excellent promotion platform,” he adds.

Although SpillTech’s biggest customer is still the City of Oslo, the company has entered into partnerships in countries as diverse as Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK, as well as in Southeast Asia.

“When building partnerships, we always refer to our solution pages on The Explorer,” Haug says. “We are a small company,” he points out, “so we don’t really have the resources to develop and spread glossy marketing material.”

The Explorer gives a competitive advantage

“We are nearly overwhelmed by the global interest in our solution. Our carbon nanofibers will be used in shoes, cars, batteries, and potentially much more,” says Jan Børge Sagmo, CEO and co-founder of Bergen Carbon Solutions.

“I believe we can attribute much of this interest to exposure on The Explorer. Both through the website itself and because we were able to join The Explorer at last year’s GreenTech festival in Berlin, where we were noticed by several international companies,” he says.

A Norwegian manufacturer of carbon nanofibers, Bergen Carbon Solutions has developed an energy-efficient, CO₂-negative production process using captured CO₂ from industrial sources.

“We are now on the verge of arriving at continuous production of carbon-based nanofibers. Our production method is improving weekly,” adds Sagmo’s colleague Finn Blydt-Svendsen, COO and co-founder of Bergen Carbon Solutions.

The company’s technological progress has been mirrored by an explosion in international interest. The company was even recently awarded a pilot project for the City of Rotterdam.


Finn Blydt-Svendsen, COO, Bergen Carbon Solutions

“We have landed sizable agreements for delivering both specific carbon-nanofiber products and materials to companies wishing to build their own composites.”

“By the end of 2021,” Blydt-Svendsen points out, “you will be able to buy shoes made with captured carbon.”


Jan Børge Sagmo, CEO, Bergen Carbon Solutions

“Being associated with The Explorer and Innovation Norway is definitely an advantage. It signals that we are a serious and capable enterprise, with a thoroughly vetted solution. And the fact that the state of Norway has our back, so to speak, helps us to build trust.”

Ultimately, Sagmo says, “Customers come to us after realising other suppliers can’t provide green carbon nanofibers. Ours are as green as they get: made from captured carbon using clean hydropower or solar power.”

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