Apply for funding: Blue and green projects in Croatia and Greece

May 12, 2020
By The Explorer

Image: Artiom Vallet, Video: EEA Norway Grants

The EEA and Norway Grants offer funding opportunities for companies in the EU. Find out what that means for Croatian and Greek companies.

The EEA and Norway Grants finance international business development and innovation projects. Click here to find out more

The Croatian programme allocates more than EUR 20 million to Croatian companies. Croatian businesses can apply for funding either in the Green Industry Innovation, or the Blue Growth focus areas. The call for proposals is now open.

The Greek programme allocates more than EUR 19 million to Greek companies. Greek businesses can apply for funding under the Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth, or ICT focus areas. The calls for proposals are now open.

See below for details about eligible projects within Green Industry Innovation and Blue Growth.

Project partnerships

Croatian and Greek companies are encouraged to partner with companies or institutions from Norway (Greek companies can also partner with entities from Iceland or Liechtenstein). Project partnerships can provide competence, technology or networks that are relevant for the project. Read more about partnerships here..

The Explorer & EEA and Norway Grants

  • The Explorer is Norway’s official plattform for green technology.

  • With over 340 greentech solutions, The Explorer connects the world with leading Norwegian companies.

  • Use The Explorer to find relevant project partners from Norway.

Ongoing programme in Greece

In Greece, the first open call has been successfully completed, and the second call is also open, where following projects in these focus areas can recieve support:

  • Blue Growth
  • Green Industry Innovation
  • Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)
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Rob Lambert

What is blue growth?

In 2020, the EEA and Norway Grants will finance international blue growth projects with EUR 63 million. Companies from Croatia, Greece, Poland, Portugal, and Romania are all eligible to apply.

Blue growth projects are business initiatives in the ocean industries. See below for eligible projects under the EEA and Norway Grants are:

Development and investment in:

  • maritime superstructures
  • coastal and maritime tourism
  • seabed mining
  • marine biotechnology

Development of solutions for:

  • maritime transport
  • ocean energy

Development of innovative solutions/technologies for:

  • fisheries and aquaculture
  • marine litter and waste
  • water supply, including desalination

Read more about blue growth here.

What is green industry innovation?

Green industry innovation projects are business initiatives that develop or implement environment-friendly production processes, using automation, digitalisation, and robotisation of industrial processes and technologies. Some of the relevant topics for projects eligible under the EEA and Norway Grants are:

Development and implemention of:

  • more efficient production and industry
  • innovative ICT components, products or processes
  • reduced material and/or resource inputs
  • extending the lifetime or products
  • waste minimisation
  • biomass for replacing non-renewable resources
  • biodegradable plastics
  • biofuel plants
  • circular economy initiatives
  • waste recycling and reuse

Read more about green industry innovation here..