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Are you interested in the East-African market? Join the Norwegian delegation to Kenya

November 13, 2019
By The Explorer

Norwegian companies are invited to join a business delegation in February 2020. The delegation will focus on renewable energy, smart cities, digitalisation and agritech. Register your interest now.

Companies on The Explorer are encouraged to join the delegation, which is organised for the planned official visit by HRH Crown Prince Haakon to Kenya 9-12 February 2020. Register via this link.

The delegation is an excellent networking and learning opportunity for companies eager to explore and expand in the Kenyan and East African market.

Kenya is the largest economy in East Africa and a natural steppingstone into the region. Since 2004, Kenyan-Norwegian bilateral trade has nearly tripled.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy, while Nairobi is establishing itself as a digitalisation hotspot. Renewable energy is also high on the country’s agenda.

Why join a business delegation?

The Explorer gives Norwegian companies international exposure in markets around the world. Through the offices of Innovation Norway and the Norwegian embassies, companies on The Explorer are highlighted in meetings, at events and on social media.

Combining the digital presence on The Explorer with a physical presence in a target market, is important for standing out from the crowd. The business delegation offers:

  • Seminars and dinners with Kenyan counterparts
  • Site visits at relevant areas of Kenyan-Norwegian bilateral trade
  • Outreach to Kenyan and Norwegian media

How to join the delegation to Kenya?

Register your interest for going to Kenya by following this link. If you have any questions, please email

Max Tangen, CEO, 7Sense

7Sense was part of the Norwegian business delegation to Chile in March 2019. It was a great opportunity for making contacts in a new market and visibility in front of potential customers and partners. 7Sense is also on The Explorer and we definitely see the value of combining digital and physical meeting places.