Editor’s Choice Chats – MF Hydra is decarbonising maritime transport

November 30, 2021
By The Explorer

Portrait: Hilde Brevig. Main image: MF Hydra/Maverix Media

Norwegian companies have joined forces to design, equip and build the world’s first ferry to run on liquid hydrogen – the MF Hydra. Editor of The Explorer, Victoria Coleman, takes us on board and shows us around.

Victoria talks about the role the Hydra will play as a test ship, the importance of collaboration, and the need to introduce new, green marine fuels.

Paves the way for extensive use of hydrogen at sea

This story on Norway’s ground-breaking hybrid hydrogen-electric ferry is part of our Editor’s Choice Chats series where we introduce you to some of the most innovative sustainable technologies coming out of Norway.

Companies involved in the collaboration include:

Corvus Energy

LMG Marin



Westcon Yards

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