Charging system for multiple electric cars

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever, but providing adequate charging is a challenge. Zaptec Pro can charge up to 100 cars on a single circuit per day.

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Fossil fuel cars are responsible for around 12 per cent of the EU’s total CO₂ emissions, and replacing them with electric ones is an important emission-cutting measure. However, the rapid increase in the number of electric vehicles (EVs), while positive, is accompanied by problems such as too few charging stations and power limitations in buildings.

State-of-the-art EV charging system

The Zaptec Pro system is specially designed for housing cooperatives, multi-unit dwellings and large parking facilities. It uses all available capacity, efficiently balancing power between charging stations, providing the fastest, most optimal charging speed at all times.

Each station in an installation can deliver from 1.4kW up to 22kW. The station measures delivered electricity with a built-in meter, so consumption reports can be generated to ensure that costs are shared accurately and fairly.

The system is also highly scalable. The installation shares a single circuit and a single power cable. Once this initial infrastructure has been installed, charging stations can be added as needed.

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Unique cloud-based portal

Zaptec Pro is built around the Zaptec Portal. The Zaptec Portal's algorithms determine the optimal mode of each charging station based on the overall load of the system. The system can handle both slow (single-phase) and fast (three-phase) charging simultaneously, thereby optimising power use while preventing grid imbalance.

In the Zaptec Portal, users can add charging stations, configure settings, perform updates, monitor the system, view charging history and more.

Concrete benefits

Zaptec Pro can be used with all types of EVs, can charge a large number of cars safely, quickly and reliably, and allows for individual billing. The system is also up to 60 per cent more efficient than traditional charging systems thanks to its phase balancing feature.

Market potential

The popularity of EVs continues to grow, due in part to technological advances and electric car incentives. Automakers are also on board. Volkswagen, for example, aims to make electric versions of all of its 300 models by 2030. Meanwhile, cities across Europe are banning fossil fuel cars in city centres. Entire countries are following suit, like the UK and France which are banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040.

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At a glance

  • Multiple electric car charging system

  • Ideal for residential buildings and parking facilities

  • Prevents grid overload



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