Wireless charger for electric ships

Wärtsilä has developed a wireless charging system for easy transfer of power from shore to ship, replacing the traditional cable connection method.


Electric ferries are quickly becoming a reality and need safe and reliable technology for efficient commercial operations.

One of the main challenges for any electric vessel is how to charge safely and quickly without delays. Instant charging has therefore long been on shipowners’ wish lists.


Wireless charging system for fully electric vessels

Wärtsilä has developed a wireless, inductive charging system for fully electric vessels.

The wireless charger has a sending coil arrangement onshore mounted on a hydraulic arm. The sending coil is connected to the power grid or shore-based energy storage. Power transfer can start the moment the vessel is docked rather than having to wait until cables are connected.

One standard basic unit delivers 2.5MW. The power rating of the charging system can easily be increased by using several units in parallel, or by specifying a larger unit with an increased active coil area.

Concrete benefits

The wireless system prevents wear and tear on cables and plugs – and improves operational safety – as there is no physical connection between ship and shore. The automatic connection also makes better use of available docking time than other systems.

The system is fully enclosed and thus not exposed to the environment. This makes it highly reliable and limits the need for maintenance.

Market potential

With electric vessels becoming increasingly common, efficient charging methods will be crucial.

Because the induction charger is suitable for any battery-powered technology needing a quick and flexible charging system, its areas of application extend beyond the ocean industries as well.

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At a glance

  • World’s first wireless charger for electric ferries

  • Allows for immediate charging once vessel is docked

  • Based on ground-breaking Norwegian research on induction charging



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