Virtual sensors for water and wastewater systems

DOSCON provides virtual sensors for real-time process surveillance at water and wastewater treatment plants. These maintenance-free sensors enhance surveillance and reduce chemical and energy use while improving treatment efficacy.

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Water and wastewater treatment processes are increasingly complex. Real-time surveillance of water quality parameters is crucial for optimal operations, but the industry faces several challenges.

While some parameters can be monitored using sensors, there are no technologically feasible sensors for others, such as phosphates. The alternative is to use costly autoanalysers, which do not provide immediate feedback, and rely on sensors with pre-calculated algorithms.

Moreover, sensors are not entirely error-free. Incorrect measurements will occur, and they must be identified quickly to avoid problems for downstream activities and automation.

Real-time surveillance and process control at water and wastewater treatment plants

DOSMON© is an IoT solution featuring virtual sensors for process surveillance and process control at water and wastewater treatment plants. By using real-time sensors, plants can more accurately monitor water quality parameters and improve treatment results. The solution enhances process stability, which plants struggle to achieve due to continually changing water parameters. The result is better and more even treatment quality.

DOSMON is well-suited for monitoring water quality in distribution systems and sewers as well.

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Calibrating a DOSCON solution at a wastewater treatment plant in Norway.

Concrete benefits

DOSMON© virtual sensors can stand alone or be integrated into a comprehensive water quality surveillance system.

The sensors cost much less than many autoanalysers or high-end physical sensors. DOSCON estimates that companies will be able to recover their investment in a DOSMON solution within one to three years.

Because DOSMON virtual sensors provide superior data accuracy, they can also be used in process optimisation and early warning systems.

Market potential

The global water quality sensor market is expected to grow to USD 1.2 billion by 2023.

DOSCON was established in Norway in 2008, with a subsidiary in China in 2019. Customers include design consultants and organisations, SCADA providers, water companies, and end-user water and wastewater utilities.

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At a glance

  • Virtual sensors for surveillance and control of water treatment

  • Real-time monitoring yields high-quality, stable treatment results

  • Reduces chemical and energy use, improves process stability



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