Using hybrid technology to make diesel engines more efficient

The PSW hybrid battery system enables maritime diesel generators to function up to 80 per cent more efficiently, thereby reducing operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


Diesel generators on offshore rigs, vessels and fish farms experience wide variations in power requirements during routine operation. In order to reliably provide power under peak load conditions, these generators are heavily oversized. This results in the consumption of significantly more power than is necessary, thus contributing to higher emissions and higher operating costs.

Making diesel engines more economical

The PSW hybrid battery system is integrated with conventional diesel engines to offer significant efficiency improvement. The battery system optimises performance by absorbing load fluctuations, enabling the engines to operate with the highest efficiency and lowest emissions. This not only results in increased system performance, but also reduces maintenance needs and engine downtime.

For fish farms, installing hybrid batteries to complement diesel generators can cut running time on a generator from 24 hours per day to three hours and 15 minutes per day. This results in a reduction of diesel consumption by up to 80 per cent, with a corresponding decrease in costs and emissions.

For rigs and vessels, hybrid batteries can be installed in special containers, resulting in fuel consumption being reduced by an expected 15 per cent, depending on operational profile.

Concrete benefits

The PSW hybrid battery system helps to maintain stable and reliable power generation for offshore rigs and vessels by increasing power redundancy. This provides stored energy to supply peak load conditions, while using braking energy for recharging the battery. The result is reduced maintenance and downtime, safer operation, and faster dynamic response, as well as less noise pollution and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The PSW hybrid battery system helps to meet the power needs of rigs and vessels without unnecessary waste of fuel. The system is suitable for new projects as well as retrofits of existing installations.

Market potential

A single diesel engine on an oil rig can use up to 9 000 litres of diesel fuel per day. With the rising cost and climate impact of carbon-based fuel, there is an increasing demand for economical, sustainable solutions in the maritime industry.

Hybrid engine technology is a proven method of fuel conservation that has the potential to vastly impact the profitability and sustainability of diesel-dependent rigs and vessels.

PSW Group was founded in 2007 as a supplier of smart and efficient solutions for subsea and drilling. The company now employs over 250 people worldwide.

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At a glance

  • Hybrid battery system for diesel generators on board offshore vessels

  • Significantly reduces power consumption and emissions

  • Can be integrated with existing installations



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