Using AI to design more sustainable cities

Spacemaker’s game changing AI technology optimises the planning of urban spaces, helping real estate developers and architects to make smart and sustainable decisions.

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In the course of the next 30 years the earth’s population will increase by 2.5 billion people, and more than 90 per cent of that growth will take place in cities. In the face of this increasing urbanisation, poor site development is a genuine threat to global sustainability. Optimal architectural decisions will be crucial for balancing quality of life and environmental impact.

For a city to be successful and sustainable, it must be well planned. Designing a site is an extremely complex multidimensional optimisation problem. Moreover, although construction is one of the world’s largest industries, it is one of the least digitalised. Current best practice “guesswork” is failing to yield optimal solutions.

Taking the guesswork out of urban planning with AI

Spacemaker is a cloud-based software solution that uses AI to integrate multiple factors and scenarios, helping architects and site developers to make the best decisions about how and what to build on their site.

With Spacemaker they can move beyond siloed and legacy waterfall development practices that limit their ability to explore a full suite of solutions and dynamically adapt to changes.

The Spacemaker AI engine takes all relevant factors for site development into account at the same time, including government regulations, characteristics of the site such as terrain, wind conditions, sun conditions, noise from roads and railways, neighbours, and the architect’s and site developer’s preferences.

Spacemaker provides advice and proposals for improving the site and satisfying all the stakeholders. It also provides an analysis of each relevant parameter for each proposal. These include, among other things, the view, sun and noise conditions in relation to apartment facades, how the proposal will affect neighbours and how to build to minimise negative effects, how to construct more energy efficient buildings and how to reduce the risk of stormwater.

Spacemaker lists the trade offs, enabling architects and site developers to see all the positive and negative effects of a given change in a proposal.

Concrete benefits

Because Spacemaker can generate billions of different site proposals, sort out the best ones, visualise them in 3D, and explain the best properties of each proposal, it reduces the risk of implementing sub-optimal solutions that later need to be “fixed”.

Moreover, Spacemaker provides transparency for all stakeholders in the project, and helps to reduce uncertainty for the architect and site developer by enabling them to balance trade-offs and make informed decisions.

Market potential

The urban construction market is huge and expanding. The market is expected to grow by USD 8 trillion by 2030 and is growing more rapidly than the overall economy.

Spacemaker has global ambitions. Headquartered in Oslo, the company opened an office in Boston, USA in October 2018, and in Sweden in February 2019.

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At a glance

  • Advanced urban planning software featuring AI

  • AI engine takes all relevant factors for site development into account at the same time

  • Can generate billions of different site proposals, sort out the best and visualise them in 3D



Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals