State-of-the-art service vessels for offshore wind

Shipbuilders are following wind farms out to sea. Ulstein now delivers pioneering vessels to some of Europe’s most exciting offshore wind projects.

Wind farms are moving offshore. The wind is more reliable at sea than over land, and ocean-based turbines intrude less on local communities.

According to Wind Europe, 17 new offshore wind farms opened in Europe alone in 2017. This growth is accompanied by a demand for vessels to service large-scale wind farms.

Quality vessels

Ulstein specialises in vessels for the new generation of offshore wind farms. One of its recent newbuilds, Acta Centaurus, started her first assignment in May 2019.

More than 100 people can live on these service operation vessels for weeks at a time, so a high level of comfort is essential. The latest walk-to-work deliveries to Acta Marine even include a library and a game room. They are 93.4 metres long, with a maximum speed of more than 13 knots, and are purpose-built for walking directly onto turbines, even in rough weather.

Other recent wind service vessels from Ulstein include Windea Leibniz, Windea La Cour, Seaway Moxie and Acta Auriga.

Concrete benefits

Ulstein provides offshore wind operators with the latest solutions for all phases of a wind farm’s life cycle, from planning and development to decommissioning and repowering. In addition to large service vessels, the company develops ship designs including cable-laying and pipe-laying ships.

Ulstein is working with some of Europe’s largest, most exciting wind farm developments, and has the expertise to deliver top-quality vessels for any need.

Other Ulstein designs for offshore wind currently under construction include a semi-submersible installation vessel for OHT. Moreover, Ulstein Verft is constructing Nexans’ new cable lay vessel Nexans Aurora, which can be used for offshore wind purposes.

Market potential

According to Navigant Research, the global capacity of offshore wind farms is almost 17 GW, with 7.9 GW on its way to being installed. Zion Market Research forecasts the industry to grow by an average of 16.2 per cent every year until 2022, increasing the demand for high-quality service vessels.

Ulstein is a responsible partner committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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