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Track livestock from a smartphone

Findmy lets farmers monitor grazing livestock, regardless of mobile coverage.


Thousands of animals go missing each year while grazing, and farmers spend hundreds of hours trying to locate the lost animals. This makes it difficult to run a profitable business and to achieve high standards of animal welfare. Additionally, it means farmers are not able to fully utilise grazing lands.

GPS tracking collars

Findmy’s tracking collars use GPS to monitor livestock. Each animal is fitted with a collar which is linked to an app on the farmers’ smartphone. This gives farmer the opportunity to take a more informed and proactive approach to herding.

When a collar shows that an animal has not moved in some time, the farmer can send herders to the exact location of the animal, saving valuable time and resources. The collars use a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network of satellites, ensuring precision and unmatched connectivity, even in areas without mobile coverage.

Findmy's tracking device is also used to geo-fence livestock, helping farmers to find animals that are close to the edge of a designated area, or that have escaped.

Concrete benefits

Farmers using Findmy’s tracking system have demonstrated a significant reduction in the number of animals lost to illness or predators, which has a direct impact on income, and on trauma for farmers. This is especially significant for smallholder farms.

The system gives farmers early warning if something happens to animals, improving animal care and welfare, and making gathering animals more efficient.

Increased control over livestock also improves utilisation of pastures, soil health and plant life, which in turn can reduce the need for synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides.

Market potential

Findmy's system is already used for tracking sheep, cattle, goat, horses, camels, elephants and reindeer. Because of the LEO satellites, the trackers can work anywhere in the world.

Findmy was founded in 2012 by Norwegian sheep farmers who needed a better way to track their own animals. Today, more than 30 000 tracking collars are in use in Norway and around the world.

Findmy is a member of NCE Heidner Biocluster, Norway’s national cluster for bioeconomy and sustainable food production.


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At a glance

  • GPS tracking collars for grazing animals

  • Connects individual animals directly to a farmer’s smartphone

  • Improves animal welfare and farm revenue

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