The world’s largest green data centre site

Bulk has built data centres powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, located close to the energy source and in a cool climate. A new transatlantic fibre cable will connect the centres directly to major European and North American cities.

Night view of a data center comprised oflarge, rectangular metal containers, surrounding by a fence and lit up by streetlamps

The data industry expects power consumption and data processing to triple in the next five to 10 years. In this time, 1 billion new internet users are expected as new parts of the world go online.

At the same time, the exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), driverless cars, robots and video surveillance will require tremendous data capacity.

The data centre colocation industry is struggling to provide wholesale capacity to support these changes, especially without greenhouse gas emissions skyrocketing.

Emission-free data centres

To meet the growing demand for data processing and storage, Bulk is building data centres powered by emission-free hydroelectricity. Located close to Norwegian hydropower plants in Southern Norway, Bulk’s data centre campus is expected to be the world’s largest site running on clean energy.

Bulk is also, together with Facebook and Google, building a new transatlantic submarine fibre cable, named HAVFRUE, which will be ready for service in late 2019. The HAVFRUE cable will have one of its European landing points in Kristiansand, Norway, close to Bulk’s data centre campus, ensuring direct connectivity to major American, European and Nordic cities.

Diagram of a transatlantic subsea fibre cable and its landing points

Norway, moreover, has one of the world’s highest levels of redundancy and resilience in the power grid, world-leading long-term low electricity prices, and political stability. Market analysts Cushman & Wakefield has ranked the country second worldwide on its data centre risk index.

Concrete benefits

Bulk’s green data centres give companies huge data capabilities with virtually no carbon emissions.

Norway is located in proximity to the populous European market and has Europe’s lowest electricity prices. Over 98 per cent of the energy the country produces comes from clean, renewable and stable baseload hydropower.

Norway has a long history of aluminium and fertiliser production, giving it the experience to develop energy-efficient solutions for large-scale industrial users.

Market potential

For Europe’s largest internet exchanges (the “FLAP” markets in Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris) annual demand for energy is rising by 175MW per year – a growth figure which is expected to increase substantially over the coming years.

Bulk Infrastructure was founded in 2006. The company is a leading provider of sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordic countries, with a range of offerings.

Overview of Bulk Infrastructure's data center campus when it is completed in 2022

N01 Campus in 2022: When Bulk Infrastructure extends Zone 1 of N01 Campus, the site will look like this, with five additional new data halls, all running on 100% clean hydropower.

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At a glance

  • Data centre site powered entirely by renewables

  • Located close to hydropower plants

  • Low energy costs and high capacity



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