The future of maritime emissions reporting

NOxDigital is a new way of reporting emissions for the maritime sector – a digital infrastructure that will make life easier for shipowners and administrative authorities.


Shipowners are required to report NOx emissions to the authorities. Emissions reports, however, have traditionally been based on manual calculations. In addition to being labour-intensive, this process leaves a relatively large margin for error.

On the part of the authorities, meanwhile, collecting accurate figures for maritime emissions is a considerable task.

Automatic emissions detection

NOxDigital automatically detects whether a vessel is operating in taxable waters. Taxable emissions are automatically calculated and prepared for reporting, based on fuel consumption and sailing route.

Data on energy usage and AIS data complete the picture, displayed on a unique digital dashboard for each user. The solution requires no installation of new hardware.

NOxDigital builds on the Yxney Maress software for monitoring fleet energy consumption, as well as Grieg Connect’s platform for high-resolution positional data and geofencing technology.

NOxDigital is a partnership between Yxney, Grieg Connect and the Norwegian NOx Fund. Solstad Offshore, a leading provider of offshore tonnage, and Fjord1, a major Norwegian ferry provider, are participating in piloting the solution.

NOxDigitalis primarily designed for the Norwegian NOx reporting scheme, but can in practice be applied to any emission control zone.

Concrete benefits

Shipowners save time and money on reporting by using NOxDigital, while at the same time having the certainty of reporting accurate emissions numbers. All relevant information is gathered in one place, ensuring easy access and complete transparency.

Administrative authorities in emissions control areas, meanwhile, gain access to accurate data and a full overview of maritime activity and emissions in their designated area.

Market potential

NOxDigital will be rolled out to the Norwegian offshore and ferry segment in spring 2020, with other segments to follow suit. Subsequently, the solution will be made available to other jurisdictions around the world.

Yxney Maritime was founded in 2016. The company provides data-driven solutions for a more sustainable maritime industry. It has developed the maress software, a digital management toolkit for energy efficiency offshore used by more than 220 advanced offshore vessels.

Grieg Connect is a software company with more than 60 ports and terminals as clients, and 80 per cent of ferries and high-speed vessels operating in Norway. The company is currently expanding internationally.

The NOx Fund was funded in 2008 when 14 business organisations and the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and the Environment signed an Environmental Agreement on NOx. Since its inception the fund has reduced over 35 000 metric tonness of NOx and paid over NOK 4 billion in NOx-reducing measures across approximately 1 000 projects.

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At a glance

  • Digital infrastructure for emissions reporting

  • Automatically tracks maritime NOx emissions

  • Provides accurate data while saving time and money



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