Sustainable production of halibut

Tubilah has developed an environment-friendly system for farming halibut using tempered clean water from various depths for optimal production.


One third of the world’s fish stocks have reached their biological limits from overfishing, according to WWF – yet an increasing global population demands more food every year.

Aquaculture has an important role to play in combating overfishing, but fish farms face several challenges, including safeguarding fish welfare, improving feed utilisation and promoting optimal growth. Halibut, for instance, does not grow well at either low or high temperatures. In extreme cases, large-scale mortality can occur.

Optimal temperature

Tubilah has developed a closed system for fish farming where temperate water is collected from depths of between 5 and 100 metres. This allows fish farmers to control water temperature and keep it between 8–12 °C, which is ideal for halibut.

To date, Tubilah has put six halibut production facilities into operation and is aiming to build a large volume of halibut farms.

Because of its success with halibut, Tubilah’s technology is now being tested for salmon farming and the results thus far are very promising. This demonstrates that innovative technology for active temperature control has a broad application across different species of fish.

Tubilah fish farm

Concrete benefits

Tubilah’s system has been proven to reduce fish mortality from 60 to 15 per cent. It also reduces production time from 60 months to 48 months.

The system further reduces the amount of fish feed used for producing fish, going from 3 kg feed per kg of fish to 1.5 kg of feed per kg of fish.

Finally, the system reduces nitrogen emissions to water substantially.

Market potential

There is significant market potential for sustainably farmed halibut. Moreover, the potential for exporting Tubilah’s farming technology to production of other fish is vast.

Tubilah was founded in 2004, with focus on halibut farming. The company has now partnered with a salmon producer and has begun selling the technology to other salmon producers.

Tubilah fish farm at sunset

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At a glance

  • Closed system with temperature control for farming fish

  • Reduces halibut production time from 60 to 48 months

  • Reduces need for fish feed and cuts nitrogen emissions



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