Sustainable Destination: The Lindesnes region

The Lindesnes region in Southern Norway is home to the town of Mandal, with its white wooden houses, beautiful archipelago and teeming summer life, as well as to the southernmost mainland lighthouse, Lindesnes Lighthouse. The region also offers excellent fishing and varied nature. It is one of Norway’s certified sustainable destinations.


For holiday destinations across the world, the environmental and social impact of tourism is huge. While the influx of tourists presents multiple opportunities for local value creation and employment, it also has negative impacts. These include increased pollution, damage to the landscape and disturbance to local communities.

Sustainable Destination certification scheme

“Sustainable Destination” certification is awarded to destinations in Norway that are working systematically to reduce the negative impact of tourism. In order to be certified, a destination must preserve local nature and culture, strengthen social values, demonstrate political commitment, have effective management, and be economically viable. Each of these five criteria has specific indicators that make it clear which actions are to be taken. Read more about sustainable tourism in Norway.


Lindesnes has worked systematically to develop hospitality practice, with the aim of encouraging all employees in the industry to take greater responsibility as a host. Staff are to be knowledgeable and provide guests with the information they need to experience even more of the region.

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An underground waste container has been installed in the historical district of Mandal, in collaboration with the local waste management service. All of the rubbish bins have been removed, beautifying the streets and improving the fire safety of the old wooden constructions. There are plans to expand the container to cover the entire downtown area.



The much talked about, semi-submerged restaurant under will open in Lindesnes in spring 2019. A number of entrepreneurs are seeking to start companies to serve the visitors the restaurant will attract. Visit Lindesnes is bringing together owners of existing businesses and fresh entrepreneurs to learn from and inspire one another.


Concrete benefits

Tourists are increasingly choosing tour operators that focus on sustainability. Tour operators can recommend any Norwegian destination certified as sustainable, secure in the knowledge that the destination is working continually to advance sustainability – economically, socially and environmentally – while providing an excellent experience.

Market potential

The Lindesnes region has enjoyed stable growth in recent years, especially during the summer season, with room for more. There is also great potential to expand activities in the spring, autumn and winter seasons. Networks are being formed to develop new products, such as new hiking, cycling and skiing trails. Food – particularly under – will also play an important role in making the region an even more attractive year-round destination.

Photos from top: Lindesnes Lighthouse – Rolf Dybvik; hospitality – TILT Media; street – Visit Lindesnes; under – MIR/Snøhetta.

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