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Space-saving turbine for small hydropower

The Turbinator is a compact turbine that makes it easier to produce hydroelectricity in confined spaces. It can help to increase output from hydropower dams.

Large hydropower plants must continuously release water from their reservoirs in order to preserve aquatic life in downstream rivers – the ecological flow, or eco flow. This water represents lost energy production.

In theory, the released water could be used for energy production. In practice, however, fitting the required turbines is often difficult, since dams have limited space. This reduces the hydroelectricity production potential.

Compact turbine

CleanPower has created The Turbinator®, an axial flow, fixed-blade Kaplan turbine. The Turbinator is easy to install in constrained locations because of its compact, all-in-one solution where the permanent magnet generator is directly integrated with the turbine runner wheel.

The Turbinator is a sealed unit that does not necessarily need a powerhouse. This can significantly reduce civil works, capital investment and construction time. It is, moreover, a robust machine with only one rotating part and thus has a lifetime of up to 50 years.

The Turbinator has an output capacity of up to 2 000kW, generates electricity at a low voltage (440 or 690 V), and is directly switched into the grid transformer. A control panel makes it easy to operate the turbine remotely.

Concrete benefits

The Turbinator is a robust and cost-efficient alternative to a full Kaplan turbine installation. By exploiting mandatory eco-flow releases, it produces hydroelectric power while preserving aquatic life downstream from dams.

The Turbinator is compact, efficient and easy to install, making it a valuable addition to any hydropower dam.

The Turbinator can also be used to extract energy from other water delivery systems, including irrigation dams and canals, industrial wastewater, and fish farms.

Market potential

Hydropower is the world’s largest renewable energy technology by capacity and generation. There is, however, a global need for investment in efficiency-increasing technology, according to the International Energy Agency.

CleanPower was founded in 2006. The Turbinator has been installed in several hydropower projects across Norway, as well as in France for EDF.

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At a glance

  • Turbine for producing hydroelectricity in small space

  • Used as an eco-flow turbine, it produces electricity from an otherwise unexploited resource

  • Increases the output from hydropower dams



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