Solar-based heat pumps for substantial energy cuts

HYSS, the next-generation heat pump from Free Energy, combines thermal solar energy with traditional heat pump technology to cut energy use in buildings dramatically.


Residential and commercial buildings consume 40 per cent of the world’s electricity and are responsible for 36 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Eighty per cent of electricity consumption in buildings goes towards heating. Yet, in terms of energy conversion, electrical energy is far from the most energy-efficient heating method available.

Thermal solar energy doubles heat pump efficiency

Traditional geothermal heat pumps are usually about three times as effective as electric heating in terms of heat output per kWh used.

The Hybrid Solar System (HYSS) from Free Energy boosts the efficiency of heat pumps even more by integrating thermal solar energy into a heat pump system. HYSS is up to twice as energy-efficient as purely geothermal heat pumps, and six times more energy-efficient than electric heating.

The system itself consists of thermal solar collectors, a speed-controlled heat pump and an energy storage tank. As opposed to photovoltaic solar panels, which produce electricity from solar energy, thermal solar panels capture and distribute pure thermal energy – heat.

Depending on conditions, the heat either goes directly towards heating water or increasing incoming brine temperature to make the heat pump more efficient, or it is used indirectly to increase the yield from geothermal wells.

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Concrete benefits

By using the full temperature range from solar thermal collectors and the ground source, HYSS provides new opportunities for utilising solar and geothermal energy – two inexhaustible energy sources.

Free Energy is working to make the components of the HYSS system retrofittable to old heat pump systems. This will make conversion to hybrid solutions cost-effective for owners of homes and commercial buildings who have already invested in a geothermal heat pump.

HYSS also comes with a user-friendly app that allows users to monitor both the system’s real-time and long-term performance, and provides direct, visual feedback on energy savings.

Market potential

Increasingly strict building regulations within and outside the EU are creating a huge demand for renewable energy solutions in buildings.

Heat pumps in general and HYSS in particular can be used to great effect in zero energy or surplus energy buildings. The national branch associations in the Nordic countries estimate the annual market potential for HYSS in the Nordics alone at roughly USD 1.1 billion.

HYSS is suitable for new buildings as well as for renovation of commercial and residential buildings.



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At a glance

  • Hybrid heat pumps using renewable energy to heat buildings

  • Novel methods for capturing thermal energy from the sun

  • Up to six times more efficient than electric heating



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