Software for environmental and climate data management

Emisoft’s Environmental Management Tool helps large organisations to measure, report and reduce their environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions.

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To meet both increasing global demand for transparency as well as wide-ranging regulatory requirements, organisations need full environmental impact reporting throughout their operational chain. Such reporting can be used to gain recognition for corporate sustainability and social responsibility, as well as to identify opportunities to reduce costs and meet climate targets.

For countries, cities and large corporations with complex operations, an integrated data management solution is needed for a full overview and accurate recording and reporting of environmental impact. This includes detailed accounting of development, production and all downstream activities.

Effective environmental data management

Emisoft’s data management platform gathers input from multiple internal and external sources, providing a traceable and transparent overview of environmental impact. The software is customised to report on big-picture results as well as specific details, for greater understanding and control of how activities impact the environment and affect operating costs.

The software helps to track, for example, discharges to water, emissions to air, management of hazardous waste and chemicals, radioactivity, freshwater use and more.

Emisoft’s solution includes the GHG123 carbon accounting software, which helps organisations to credibly calculate and report their total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Knowledge of their carbon footprint – the sum of all activities that result in GHG emissions – helps organisations to demonstrate progress and reduce their climate impact.

Concrete benefits

There are incentives, and in some cases requirements, for companies to disclose the environmental impact of their business activities. Companies that report their carbon footprint may be given priority for contracts, as carbon accounting is associated with improved efficiency, better supply chain management and higher brand value. Some companies are required to report their impact and emissions to legislative bodies, governments and other groups.

Emisoft’s Environmental Management Tool creates resiliency by preparing an organisation to respond to potential future challenges, such as new legislation and mounting climate and environmental risks.

Market potential

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, more and more countries, cities and municipalities are introducing requirements for carbon footprint reporting. Major organisations worldwide are mobilising to improve energy efficiency in their operations, and to meet requirements from contracts, standards, laws and regulations. Customers, vendors, partners and investors are placing an ever-higher emphasis on sustainability disclosures.

Emisoft has been developing environmental accounting software solutions since 1992 for a range of commercial industries. Its customers include the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency and multinational petrochemical producer Borealis, as well as the Norwegian companies Equinor, Lerøy Seafood Group and Norsk Hydro.

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At a glance

  • Environmental data management platform

  • Improves corporate transparency and sustainability

  • Helps organisations to track progress towards their environmental targets and stay within permit values



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