Smart charging for multiple electric vehicles

BilLader develops and delivers smart electric car charging solutions for residential, commercial and public buildings.

System for charging multiple electric cars in a large parking garage

Seventy-two per cent of Europe’s total transport emissions come from road vehicles. Moving to electric vehicles (EVs) will help to reduce CO₂ emissions from transport significantly.

There are, however, numerous challenges, and one of the most pressing is charging. Not only is there a need for more charging stations, there are limitations to the power grid in certain areas, making it difficult to charge multiple vehicles safely at the same time.

EV charging stations with load management

BilLader has developed a smart load management system that distributes electricity without straining the main fuses when charging multiple electric cars. The system features an energy management unit that continuously measures power consumption and distributes electricity safely to the charging vehicles. This enables efficient charging, even on low power grids.

BilLader offers a wide range of charging stations, delivering from 7.2kW to 22kW of usable power. The charging station featuring dynamic load management is flexible and utilises the entire electrical system in the building. The charging station with static load management, meanwhile, is more cost-effective as long as there are no unforeseen strains on the electrical system.

Chargers for electric vehicles on the wall in an outdoor parking lot

Concrete benefits

The load management system from BilLader makes it possible to install electric car charging stations in areas with limited power grid capacity.

BilLader also offers a cloud service for offsite administration, enabling power adjustments, reporting, invoicing, remote support and more. The solution supports payment options for public parking and can be fully integrated with leading parking providers.

All BilLader charging stations can be tailored to fit the requirements of the customer.

Market potential

In 2017, there were over 2 million electric or semi-electric cars in Europe. This number is expected to increase steadily in the future, as more and more countries aim to phase out the sale of fossil fuel vehicles.

Established in 2013, BilLader has delivered more than 850 EV chargers and 36 charging stations to date. The company is poised for growth in Norway and is prepared to enter the European market.

An energy management unit for a charging system for multiple electric cars

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At a glance

  • Efficient charging of multiple EVs

  • Enables safe charging on low power grids

  • Systems feature static or dynamic load management



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