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Shared infrastructure platform for tomorrow’s cities

Most cities fail to take advantage of their joint resources, be it cars, land or simply information. But Urban Sharing has built a platform to simplify how smart infrastructure is shared.


Cities across the world are full of underutilised resources and insufficient information. Cars are parked 95 per cent of the time, and real-time mobility information is often not available.

The same cities, however, are filled with people who constantly need access to services and information. But matching unused resources with the people who need them requires a robust and easy-to-use system.

Adaptable software

Urban Sharing has created a smart platform for shared resources. Initially implemented for bike sharing in major Norwegian cities and in Edinburgh, UK, the platform is designed to easily adapt to any other type of shared infrastructure.

Other types of shared infrastructure include, for example, car sharing, e-scooter sharing, smart bus shelters and smart waste management systems.

Urban Sharing’s platform can be initially implemented for a specific number of resources and is easily scalable to meet the changing need of cities as they grow and change.

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Urban Sharing works directly with cities and infrastructure partners to implement and operate shared resources that are sustainable over the long term. The company offers easy-to-use software and comprehensive data analytics, including machine learning capabilities to inform predictive models for allocating resources or information.

Urban Sharing also delivers custom hardware designs for the particular type of resource to be shared.

Concrete benefits

As cities grow, they require new modes of allocating resources. Particularly for efficient mobility in congested urban areas, shared infrastructure is essential. And the key to making sharing work is a system that is genuinely convenient for the end user.

Market potential

According to PwC, transport infrastructure investment is projected to rise by five per cent annually until 2025. With urban populations growing rapidly, the need to develop sustainable transport solutions for city centres will only increase.

Since 2016, Urban Sharing’s technology has powered city-wide bicycle sharing systems in Norway.

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At a glance

  • Software platform for accessing and managing shared infrastructure

  • Machine learning optimises usage of resources

  • Easily scalable after implementation

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals