Seafood – accountability from ocean to table

Maritech’s software solutions enable tracing of seafood from catch to supply, ensuring sustainable fishing practices and an ecologically responsible seafood industry.


Environmentally and health-conscious consumers want accountability in the food they eat, and assurance that its sourcing and production have not contributed to climate change, overfishing or pollution. But fisheries are a decentralised industry spanning many remote locations, making seafood’s origins difficult to trace. Greater transparency is needed throughout the supply chain to ensure that fish and other seafood are sourced sustainably and in an ecologically responsible fashion.

Software for full and verifiable traceability

Maritech’s software solutions enable verification that seafood is sustainably and legitimately caught, helping seafood companies to improve performance, ensure food safety and manage regulatory compliance.

Digitalisation makes it possible to track and trace seafood products from their origin all the way to the table. Maritech’s industry-tailored solutions simplify the growing complexity of data and add the interactive visibility companies need to make quicker, smarter, data-based decisions.

The data is available in real time throughout the value chain and can be used to control quality and reduce waste. This means that seafood companies easily can tell the eco-friendly story of their fish. A piece of sushi at a restaurant can be traced all the way back to the sea, with data including fishing area, vessel name, species, weight, temperature, length and much more.


Concrete benefits

Maritech’s software solutions provide a framework with which responsible members of the seafood supply chain can assure their customers of their sustainable business practices. The solutions can be used to demonstrate the same to regulators and other stakeholders and third parties. It also allows companies to evaluate their own performance and identifying potential areas for improvement.

This helps suppliers to stand out from their competitors, and also provides a selling point for end users such as restaurants, who can demonstrate their environmental credentials to customers.

Market potential

Fisheries and aquaculture are, and will continue to be, an important source of food and economic growth for the global population. Ensuring sustainability, food safety and traceability will be vital.

Some of the world’s largest seafood companies use Maritech’s software solutions to get business control, ensure traceability and automate processes. The solution is easily integrated with hardware and other third party solutions.

Maritech is working to extend the functionality of its software solutions to cover more of the seafood value chain and expand geographically.




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At a glance

  • Traceability software for the seafood supply chain

  • Enables accountability and improvement

  • Supports sustainable fishing practices



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