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Saga Subsea supplies specialised equipment and services for offshore wind

Saga Subsea is a one-stop shop for a wide range of products, services and expertise for fixed and floating offshore wind projects. “We supply equipment and services mainly to subsea contractors and vessel owners. They can rent everything they need, in one place,” says Einar Tollaksvik, Managing Director of Saga Subsea.

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SagaGripen ROV tool. Photo: Maverix Media/Innovation Norway

Europe has a total installed offshore wind capacity of 25 GW. This capacity will need to be expanded significantly for the EU to achieve its 2030 climate and energy targets.

Developing, building, operating and maintaining offshore wind farms is, however, an extremely complex task. It requires specialised subsea and offshore expertise and an extremely wide range of specialised equipment and components - from turbine foundations and service operation vessels to inspection cameras and drills, and much, much more.

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One-stop shop for offshore wind equipment

Saga Subsea provides offshore and subsea projects with innovative, high-quality rental tools, many of which are designed in house. The tools are customised for contractors and vessel owners by a team with decades of experience from the offshore and subsea industries.

Saga Subsea’s offering includes inspection-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and related equipment for offshore operations, core drills, core samplers, dredgers, boulder grips, hydraulic chainsaws, electric winches, and much more.

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Argus Mini ROV system for underwater inspection.

Maverix Media/Innovation Norway

Specialised services

In addition to equipment, Saga Subsea hires out specialists such as engineers, project managers, ROV pilots, supervisors and riggers. The company also provides expert services for offshore construction, inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR), and vessel mobilisation, among other applications.

“Our expertise has been built up among our employees for the past 25 years. We are extremely proud of the team we have built and what we can offer,” says Tollaksvik.

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Offshore wind is a growing industry.

Maverix Media/Innovation Norway

Expanding market for expertise and equipment

The offshore wind market is growing and Saga Subsea has clients worldwide. Its main market is the North Sea, and it is also active in Canada, the Canary Islands, Ghana, Italy, Montenegro, the UAE, the UK and Qatar.

Saga Subsea was founded in 2011 to prove its philosophy, which is that certain subsea tasks may be carried out at a fraction of the cost compared with traditional vessel operations, provided the right equipment and methods are used.

“Saga Subsea believes our customers shouldn’t see our services and products as a cost, but rather as an investment. It is an investment in a greener, or bluer, future through renewable energy,” concludes Tollaksvik.

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