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Roadside lighting solutions for energy conservation

FossTech’s durable LED solutions bring light down to the road, saving energy and reducing light pollution.

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Some 10 to 20 per cent of the world’s energy consumption is used for lighting. Switching from HPS (sodium vapour) road lamps to LED (light-emitting diode) road lamps has been shown to cut energy use by up to 85 per cent. However, LEDs emit light at a temperature that increases light pollution, affects the local ecosystem and has an impact on human health. These effects are more pronounced when the lamps are mounted on tall poles, high above the road.

Lamps installed down by the roadside limit excess light pollution, but are prone to damage from vibration, moisture, ice, salt, gravel and other harsh conditions.

Robust LED roadside lighting

FossTech has used its subsea expertise to develop breakthrough technology that can protect lighting components from the aforementioned hazards, while providing sufficient illumination for safe driving.

The company’s durable lighting solutions feature high-intensity LED lamps, encapsulated in airtight, watertight polyurethane. All controllers and electrical components are encased in moulded plastic. The lamps can be produced as domes or as tubes in a stainless steel housing, suitable for mounting along guard rails, bridges or tunnel walls.


Concrete benefits

FossTech’s LEDs provide illumination in locations where lighting is prone to damage. Whereas lampposts waste energy and are costly to construct and maintain, FossTech’s solutions are cost-effective and robust, with a life cycle of over 10 years. They can also reduce negative effects on the local ecosystem and human health caused by light pollution.


Market potential

The expansion of global infrastructure has increased demand for low-energy road lighting solutions. In the offshore market, harsh weather conditions often make lamps unusable, with a high failure rate due to moisture and corrosion. FossTech’s LEDs are suitable for countless applications where standard lighting is unsuitable or harmful to the ecosystem.

FossTech’s LED roadside lamps were launched in May 2019, with installation on roads, bridges and tunnels in Norway. New construction is planned for oil installations, ships, train tunnels and airports, as well as for the subsea market.

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At a glance

  • Weather-proof lighting at the roadside

  • Bright LED road illumination without excess light pollution

  • Cuts energy costs significantly compared with traditional lighting solutions



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