Radar-based sensor for accurate water level measurements

The Miros RangeFinder is a standalone sensor that measures vertical distance with millimetre accuracy in all weather conditions.

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Ocean surface measurements are of vital importance when planning marine operations. Ports and fixed installations use vertical measurements – distance of the water level relative to the installation – to help optimise safety and efficiency. These measurements provide valuable insight into the timing of activities such as docking, laying cables, and heavy lift operations.

Accurate vertical measurements, as well as historical data about water level, can be difficult to obtain. Sensors on buoys are expensive to deploy and costly to maintain. Laser sensors, meanwhile, are affected by fog, rain and water spray.

Standalone vertical measurement sensor for reliable data

The Miros RangeFinder is a high-frequency vertical microwave radar sensor. The sensor measures sea level, tide, non-directional wave monitoring, ride control, draught and air gap (vertical distance to sea). The measurement principle is undisturbed by weather conditions.

The RangeFinder is self-contained and cloud-integrated, providing secure access to real-time and historical data collection.

Concrete benefits

To ensure personnel safety and efficiency of weather-critical operations, maritime regulations require accurate ocean surface measurements. RangeFinder helps maximise the weather window during which these operations can be completed, significantly reducing time and fuel consumption. The unit is inexpensive to maintain and improves overall operability by up to 15 per cent.

Market potential

Among other applications, sensors for measuring water level and waves play an important role in protecting coastlines, ports and other critical infrastructure from the effects of climate change.

Miros is a technology company that specialises in measuring the ocean surface. The company has provided sensors and systems for environmental monitoring to the global offshore and maritime industries for more than 35 years, and has a presence in 28 countries around the world.

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At a glance

  • Measurement device for ports and stationary installations

  • Millimetre accuracy in all weather conditions

  • Increases operability by up to 15%



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