Smart software to fight water loss

Powel Water Alert enables water utilities to detect leakages at an early stage, minimising water waste and helping to maintain a stable drinking water supply.

Safe drinking water is the world’s most important natural resource. Leakages waste this critical resource, and can have severe economic consequences for utilities, municipalities and others responsible for water management.

In Norway, some 30 per cent of drinking water is lost through leakage, and many other European countries have comparable figures. It is, however, often difficult to detect and locate water leakages in infrastructure.

Machine learning to predict flow

Powel Water Alert is a software that reads and analyses flow data in real time. It uses machine learning to compare real-time data with historical data and information from smart water meters, customer messages and other water network data.

Water Alert presents ongoing and historical discrepancies in a map and in graphs, providing an up-to-date, real-time status of water supply. This allows users to view expected and actual water flow in various supply zones, either in real time or historically. By comparing current and historical data, users can discover and repair leakages quickly and efficiently, keeping water loss to a minimum.

Water Alert also notifies users of incidents in their network through a troubleshooting map interface.

Concrete benefits

Water Alert provides early warning of water leakages when they occur. This enables users to take early action, minimising loss of drinking water and revenue. An added benefit is that the solution gives users greater knowledge of their infrastructure by providing a deeper understanding of flow patterns. The software also facilitates information sharing throughout the organisation.

Market potential

Powel Water Alert is relevant for all owners of water infrastructure. A recent report estimates that the value of global non-revenue water (NRW) leak management solutions will grow from around USD 850 million in 2018 to over USD 1.5 billion by 2025. The largest markets are currently North America and Europe.

Founded in Norway in 1996, Powel is now an international corporation with 500 employees at offices in eight countries. The company provides software solutions and services within energy production and trade, grid operations, construction, and water and wastewater.

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Powel AS

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At a glance

  • Software that reads and analyses water flow data in real time

  • Uses machine learning to predict normal flow patterns in distribution networks

  • Provides early warning of water leakage, enabling early action



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