Platform to optimise energy use – and save money

Trndz.ai has developed a highly scalable platform for data collection, storage and analytics to cut energy consumption and costs for commercial property owners.

Humans are surrounded by processes and hardware we either cannot, or are unwilling to, manage without. These all consume the world’s finite energy resources to some extent. Consumption must be reduced if we are to achieve sustainable growth.

If all companies reduce consumption where possible, such as by adopting intelligent energy management systems in buildings, this would amount to significant savings of both resources and money. Collection of data from analogue and digital sources, and real-time analysis, can help with this.

Cross-platform performance management tool

Trndz.ai is a platform for data collection, data storage, online analytics and alerts. It can be used on any smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

Trndz.ai gathers data from disparate digital sources in one place, connecting and analysing it in real time. The platform can also record analogue data from computers and smartphones so this, too, can be factored in to give users the full picture of energy consumption in a building.

Meanwhile, information dashboards can be set up with readouts to suit different information needs, such as those of a manager or an engineer.

The platform can be used to monitor a wide variety of data streams, including energy consumption, water consumption, and waste volume and type. It can also be used to track process parameters that are important for optimal industrial operations.

Concrete benefits

With user-friendly, cross-platform integration, Trndz.ai gives a full overview of data streams in a single location. This helps users to cut energy waste, save money and protect the environment.

With its platform-as-a-service subscription-based model, Trndz.ai can provide companies with usage/volume-based pricing. The company estimates that companies using its platform could reduce energy consumption by 10 to 30 per cent.

Moreover, Trndz’s team of highly experienced engineers offers assistance in digitalising analogue equipment and processes.

Market potential

The main market for Trndz.ai has been the commercial real estate sector. The company is now expanding its focus to more industries and to the global market, as any company relying on data streams could potentially use Trndz.ai.

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Trndz AS

Schweigaards gate 34c, NO-0191 Oslo, Norway


At a glance

  • Easy-to-use platform for monitoring data streams

  • Records both digital and analogue data for maximum accuracy

  • The platform can optimise energy use and reduce waste by 10-30%



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