Cleaning wastewater from oil and sewage

Norwegian Technology’s solutions for wastewater treatment originated in the petroleum industry. They promote sustainable management of water resources.

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Drilling for offshore oil releases hydrocarbons, heavy metals and other pollutants, creating wastewater and other hazardous waste. Sewage systems, meanwhile, collect wastewater from households and industrial plants.

No matter the source, there are stringent regulations for wastewater treatment to avoid environmental contamination.

Petroleum wastewater treatment

Norwegian Technology has created a mobile wastewater treatment unit for the petroleum industry. Holding up to 20 m³, the unit is a compact and efficient solution for treating wastewater both offshore and onshore.

The mobile unit removes liquid hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds and solids from wastewater, produced water and slops. It makes it possible to produce oil while adhering to the highest environmental standards for wastewater – and, crucially, without having to transport wastewater to shore.

In addition, Norwegian Technology has developed chemicals for separation and recovery of oil-based drilling fluids and other waste from the petroleum industry.

Other wastewater treatment

Based on its technology for the petroleum industry, Norwegian Technology has also created a treatment unit for contaminated wastewater from industry, as well as for public sewage.

The latter is currently in operation in several municipalities in Western Norway and uses a unique set of wastewater chemicals developed by Norwegian Technology. These facilitate biogas recovery and production, ensuring that residual resources are utilised.

Concrete benefits

Treating wastewater on site at offshore oil platforms saves transport costs and emissions from moving wastewater to land before treatment. The compact size of the treatment unit also means it saves on space at offshore installations.

More effective treatment of wastewater from sewage means that public authorities can safeguard communities, while simultaneously treating waste as a valuable source of biogas.

Market potential

Environmental awareness is growing, and wastewater treatment regulations are becoming increasingly rigorous. For petroleum companies, a comprehensive solution for wastewater treatment enhances both their public image and regulatory compliance. For public authorities, meanwhile, upholding stringent waste and water standards will call for inventive solutions.

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At a glance

  • Treatment of wastewater from oil production, industrial processes and public sewage

  • Removes oil, heavy metals and other pollutants

  • Mobile units make treatment more efficient


Soon available
There are concrete plans to make the solution commercially available in the near future.

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals