Next-generation switchboards for modern marine vessels

Clean Marine Switchboards makes state-of-the-art electrical switchboards for the maritime market. The switchboards help ships to manage their energy consumption and can facilitate the use of battery technology.


International regulations for cutting greenhouse gas emissions means shipbuilders are more concerned than ever with a ship’s power supply and energy efficiency.

A crucial part of the power supply is the ship’s switchboard, which distributes electricity to all services that maintain operations on board a ship. Such services include onboard machinery, navigational tools, fire safety equipment, and other essentials.

Many switchboards today are, however, built according to old and outdated designs that cannot deliver the energy efficiency shipbuilders are seeking.

Energy-efficient switchboards

Clean Marine Switchboards (CMSw) has created a new generation of switchboards, specifically designed for the maritime industry.

CMSw’s switchboards have a voltage level of up to 1 000V AC and 1 500V DC and are highly reliable, ensuring operational safety on board a ship at all times.

The switchboards are compact and have a clean design, making them about half the size of older switchboards. This means that they are easy to install and fit on board a ship.

The switchboards are powered by software which is regularly updated online. It does not become outdated and can continually be adapted to meet new needs.

CMSw works directly with battery suppliers and their switchboards can easily be integrated with hybrid propulsion systems.


Concrete benefits

CMSw’s switchboards are tailor-made to individual vessels, with both hardware and software adapted to the needs of the shipbuilder. This helps to make the products practical and cost-efficient.

The switchboards are powerful tools for controlling energy consumption on board increasingly energy-efficient ships. Additionally, the switchboards could help to make the transition to hybrid technology easier.

Market potential

Energy efficiency and fuel economy are becoming increasingly important for shipbuilders, for environmental, regulatory and financial reasons. This means that the market for energy management is growing steadily on a global level.

Clean Marine Switchboards was founded in 2017 and has already contributed to many newbuilds, including Colour Hybrid and Acta Centaurus, that either run on renewable energy or enable renewable energy production.

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  • Electric switchboards specifically designed for modern ships

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