New and safe active ingredient for plant protection

BioCHOS develops fungicides based on by-products from the shellfish industry. Once on the market, they can replace some of the current toxic fungicides.

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Fungal diseases on crops is a substantial problem for farmers. It results in 10 to 30 per cent reduction of yield and great economic losses.

Fungicides have been used extensively since the 20th century. However, many fungicides pollute soil and groundwater and leave residues in food. In addition, fungi easily develop resistance to conventional fungicides, making the fungicides less effective.

Non-toxic fungicides from shellfish by-products

BioCHOS´product is a new active substance for plant protection products. It inhibits the growth of fungal diseases on crops.

The active substance is chitosan oligomers (CHOS). CHOS is made from chitin-rich by-products from the shellfish industry. It is a natural product and is safe to use for farmers, consumers and the environment.

CHOS is currently being tested as an ingredient in a range of new plant protection products. Since it is a non-toxic and natural product, it can be registered for use both in organic agriculture and as a supplement to conventional fungicides in traditional agriculture.

Concrete benefits

Plant protection products containing CHOS are safe and result in healthier food and less food waste. CHOS is readily degraded in nature and leaves no toxic residues in the food produced.

CHOS attacks different targets both on the surface and inside fungal cells. Development of fungal resistance against CHOS is therefore less likely.

CHOS is also highly versatile and can be used to prevent fungal disease on a range of different crops under different climatic conditions.

Market potential

There is an urgent need for new and efficient solutions to control fungal diseases on crops. The market for safe and sustainable biological plant protection products is still only around five per cent of the total plant protection market, but it is growing rapidly.

BioCHOS was founded by researchers at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The company is currently working to register its active substance with European regulatory bodies, while cooperating with industry partners to develop plant protection products for a range of different crops.

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c/o Innovasjonssenter Campus Ås, Høgskoleveien 12, 1433 ÅS, Norway

+47 918 66 719

At a glance

  • Active substance for eco-friendly fungicides

  • Safe for consumers, users and the environment

  • Created by researchers at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences


Soon available
There are concrete plans to make the solution commercially available in the near future.

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