Smart charging solutions for e-mobility

CURRENT’s SmartCharge platform provides an open marketplace for electric vehicle charging. This innovative platform facilitates seamless interaction between charging station owners and drivers of electric cars.


The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has increased dramatically in the past few years. Norway is a world leader in the adoption of EVs: in 2021, nearly 65 per cent of all new cars sold were fully electric.

While such high EV penetration is positive, drivers may struggle to find available chargers. This is due in good part to a lack of real-time information about charging stations’ availability, status and prices. This, in turn, may cause range and charge anxiety. Lack of real-time data also leads to suboptimal use of charging stations and resulting revenue loss for owners.


SmartCharge turnkey solution for electric cars

SmartCharge is a cloud-based, turnkey solution for EV charging infrastructure. The system enables total control and automation of infrastructure, as well as remote maintenance. It also allows EV charging station owners to sell their own generated power.

With the SmartCharge Dashboard, operators have access to historical data and can manage operations, energy optimisation and payment. They can also employ dynamic pricing based on person, power and/or time.

The SmartCharge app helps drivers to locate the right EV charging station for their needs. It calculates the optimal route, taking into consideration traffic data, etc. The app also facilitates payment.


Concrete benefits

SmartCharge delivers real-time data from EV charging stations to drivers and operators.

This helps operators to optimise use of charging stations, thereby boosting revenues. It makes charging easier for drivers, and could potentially encourage sales of EVs, which would in turn reduce carbon emissions and local air pollution.

In addition, the aggregated e-mobility data gathered could provide new insights and opportunities for drivers, operators and communities.

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Market potential

There were 10 million EVs on the world’s roads at the end of 2020 and those numbers continue to climb. In the first quarter of 2021, global electric car sales rose by around 140 per cent compared to the same period in 2020. Sales are not expected to slow significantly in the near future.

SmartCharge can be customised to satisfy the requirements of individual EV markets, so the market potential is vast.


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At a glance

  • Facilitates seamless interaction between charging station operators and EV drivers

  • Operator interface for managing operations, energy optimisation and payment

  • App for providing charging station and routing information to EV drivers


CURRENT EV Charging Platform is offered in 6 countries and growing rapidly.

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