Making hydrogen technology accessible in transport and industry

HYON enables zero emission technology for transport, energy storage and renewable energy production.


In 2018, global energy consumption increased at nearly twice the average rate of growth since 2010, making greenhouse gas emissions hit a record high. The largest sources of emission were electricity, heat generation and transportation.

Implementing hydrogen technology and fuel cells, however, can help to reduce emissions significantly.

More efficient use of energy

Through integrating technology from companies Nel, Hexagon Composites and PowerCell, HYON reduces the barrier of implementation for hydrogen solutions in transportation, renewable energy generation and energy storage. The combined systems produce electricity and heat on demand.

HYON delivers tailor-made hydrogen fuel cell solutions to land-based industries – and also to the maritime market.

HYON’s solutions enable electricity to be stored and used at a later point, and can therefore be used in, for instance, wind and solar power farms, as well as transport systems. The HYON solutions have a long lifetime and are made to fully integrate with existing systems, such as power electronics, electro-systems, control and safety systems, and cooling and heating systems.


Concrete benefits

HYON helps to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions in a range of industries, through converting low-cost electricity to hydrogen and enabling flexible storage of excess energy. In addition, HYON allows for more efficient and smart use of energy with stand-alone, self-reliant fuel cells.

HYON solutions are fully modular and tailor-made. They give companies unique and simple access to other world-leading hydrogen technology from Nel, Hexagon Composites and PowerCell.

Market potential

The Hydrogen generation market is estimated to be worth USD 199.1 billion by 2023.

The demand for hydrogen technology is rising, as the demand for green energy increases and as more of the transportation segment is being converted to hydrogen. HYON´s electricity storage capabilities also make it attractive to the renewable energy market.

HYON was founded in 2017.

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At a glance

  • Hydrogen solutions for transport, energy storage and renewable energy production

  • Modular and tailor-made

  • Reduces emissions and overall energy consumption



Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals