Making Earth green again

Desert Control has developed a new, yet to be commercially implemented concept for mixing clay into desert sand to create fertile ground.

Desertification is a major environmental problem. It has numerous causes, including drought, dams and farming practices that strip the soil of nutrients. Suitable land area for agriculture is shrinking, while the amount of food needed to feed the global population is growing.

Turning desert into fertile ground

Desert Control has developed a solution called Liquid Nano Clay (LNC) that can be sprayed onto or injected into desert sands. The product is mixed and applied on site. Immediately after application the sand can hold 50 per cent more water. LNC does not contain chemicals, only water and clay. The treatment is suitable for use in recreational areas (parks) and forestation projects – in addition to agriculture.

Concrete benefits

In agriculture, Desert Control projects irrigation water savings of up to 50 per cent. It is also assumed that less fertiliser will be needed because nutrients will be bound in the clay/sand, and that overall agricultural production will be increased.

WWF has dubbed LNC a “climate solver”. The organisation estimates that if 1 per cent of desert worldwide were to be greened, this would reduce carbon emissions by 27 million metric tons a year.

Market potential

LNC is patented in 60 countries. Desert Control AS was established in June 2017 to expand and commercialise on eight years of field tests and research.

A subsidiary will be established in Dubai in summer 2018 to serve the United Arab Emirates and explore opportunities in the Persian Gulf in the run-up to Expo 2020.

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Desert Control AS

Hellevegen 24, NO-4052 Røyneberg, Norway

+47 911 81 129

At a glance

  • Patented Liquid Nanoclay mixture

  • Sprayed directly onto dry, sandy land

  • Creates a water-retaining network in the soil profile


Soon available
There are concrete plans to make the solution commercially available in the near future.

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals