Low-emission hydronic heating

CliWi, or “Climate Winner”, is a patented and environment-friendly heating solution for the construction industry.

To keep buildings warm and dry, construction companies normally uses heaters that run on fossil fuel. Such heaters, however, often have high emissions and a low effect.

To reduce costs, as well as its carbon footprint, the construction industry is moving towards green solutions and emission-free heating with hydronic technology.

Green heating

The CliWi technology represents the newest within hydronic heating and heat exchange. It is a more efficient way to exchange energy than traditional heaters.

In order to create heat, the CliWi solution only needs a fluid energy source, such as hot water or glycol. The solution is built on a closed system and enables smooth distribution of air.

The heater’s round shape leads to faster and more efficient distribution of heat compared to traditional heating solutions. This is a unique quality within construction heating today.

The CliWi technology is significantly more environment-friendly than traditional heating solutions.

Concrete benefits

CliWi makes construction sites greener through non-toxic low-emission heating.

Compared to traditional diesel burners, CliWi increases efficiency and reduces the use of fossil fuels by up to 90 per cent. When using district heat, CliWi is up to 100 per cent emission-free.

CliWi is low in weight and easy to handle, as well as quiet in operation. Moreoever, there is no fire hazard as CliWi's surface temperature never exceeds 100°C.

Market potential

The CliWi product portfolio is developed as a drying and heating solution for the construction industry and has the potential of being used in construction sites worldwide. However, CliWi has wide applications in many areas and industries beyond construction, for instance in cooling, pest control and damage restoration, as well as in agriculture.

In 2017, CliWi won the Norwegian construction industry’s Innovation Award.

CliWi was created by HeatWork, a company with more than 15 years’ experience in hydronic heating, working with clients all across the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. In 2018, HeatWork received an environmental award from the Liberal Party of Norway, as well as a marketing award for its positive impact on the construction market.

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HeatWork AS

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At a glance

  • Portable heating units for construction sites

  • More energy-efficient than traditional heaters

  • Reduces fossil fuel use by up to 90 per cent



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