Long and mid-term planning for power producers

Power producers’ revenues are directly affected by the distribution of limited energy resources over seasons and years. Powel Smart Energy solutions provide invaluable decision support in planning this distribution.

The power market is by nature fluctuating. Weather conditions and the behaviour of other market participants have an impact on market prices and access to resources. The situation changes from season to season, and every year is different.

Sophisticated tools for managing resources

The Powel Smart Energy software suite provides decision support to power producers and traders.

The solutions let users forecast market prices for up to five years while calculating optimal seasonal production. At the same time, producers can get an overview of the current value of their energy resources and accurately estimate expected reservoir levels over seasons.

The software suite also offers a wide range of other features

The solutions offer easy access to data and planning results, and enable reuse of data in subsequent steps. Work processes are seamless, and are configured and adapted to the user’s way of working. All data is represented graphically.

Concrete benefits

Powel Smart Energy software maximises the return on investment for power production equipment. It also helps to maintain stable and reliable power production across seasons.

The software for mid and long-term planning optimises the use of large-scale infrastructure such as dams and thermal plants. It also facilitates water planning to avoid or minimise floods and secure minimum water flow in lakes, dams and rivers during dry periods.

In an era with more and more unregulated power production from renewables such as solar and wind, the software for mid and long-term production optimisation helps to ensure a stable power supply over a multiyear horizon.

Market potential

Powel’s market is global and growing. Although the company’s primary market segment is hydropower, its solutions are suitable for use in all types of power production and for multi asset optimisation.

Moreover, as we move towards an electrified society, the demand for electricity will climb even as total energy demand drops. Meanwhile, the need for water planning will continue to grow.

Founded in Norway in 1996, Powel is now an international corporation with 500 employees at offices in eight countries.

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