Lock boxes with remote control access enable sharing economy

Sharebox enables easy handover of objects and services through a mobile app.

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The world is consuming far more than is environmentally sustainable. Demographic and economic developments have increased the pressure on natural resources worldwide. Tackling overconsumption by “doing more and better with less” will be key to ensuring sustainable development.

Traceable, remote-controlled access

The sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption, has emerged as a popular market model for increasing economic efficiency and positive environmental impact by reducing total resource use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Sharebox enables individuals to participate in the sharing economy by providing locked, app-controlled boxes for sharing keys, cards and other important documents and items.

Placed at central locations, Shareboxes are designed for safe, efficient handover from a sender to a recipient without them having to be in the same place.

Outdoor MO12 cabinet.

Outdoor MO12 cabinet.

Sharebox AS

Concrete benefits

Equipped with Remote Shared Access Control (RSAC), Shareboxes free up time and provide traceability for both the owner and the user of a service or product.

Using automatic controlled locking systems, digital databases and smart mobile phones, Sharebox facilitates all types of access control, both virtual and physical.

End-users can utilise the Sharebox API connected platform to control access with third-party applications.

Market potential

Sharebox serves the sharing economy market which is projected to grow from USD 15 billion in 2014 to USD 335 billion in 2025. With a presence in Europe and the US, Sharebox enabled over 70 000 key handovers in 2018.

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At a glance

  • Lock boxes with remote controlled access

  • Centrally located for safe, traceable handover of items

  • Enables sharing economy of products and services



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