Optimal wind farm management

The wind industry needs digital tools to optimise wind farm management. KONGSBERG EmPower applications enabled by the Kognifai digital platform ecosystem provide the full picture.

Wind energy is on the rise. In Europe, wind has generated more power than coal since 2016, and the majority of new power installations in Europe are wind farms. Globally, the offshore wind industry alone is expected to grow by an average of 16.2 per cent every year until 2022.

With such growth, however, comes increased demands for efficiency, cost reduction and data-driven decisions.

The power of data

The combination of the Kognifai digital platform and the EmPower applications provide a new level of digitalisation and an integrated, holistic solution for wind farms.

Kognifai is an advanced open ecosystem that handles real-time data management and offers profound insights based on data aggregation. It also provides a cloud-based environment with the end-to-end security and critical infrastructure needed to position the EmPower applications in the cloud.

The EmPower applications cover all aspects of wind farm management, with modules for performance monitoring, condition monitoring, production forecasting, and wind farm control. They form a decision support solution that provides real-time data on the condition and performance of wind turbines for more efficient planned maintenance and support as well as minimised downtime.

The applications also make it possible to regulate turbines as a farm as opposed to individually – which is often the case today – facilitating greater combined output.

For further decision support, advanced analytic algorithms integrate information from disparate sources, enabling customers to improve EHS, obtain a deeper understanding of contractual obligations and gain insight into the wind farm’s capabilities.

Concrete benefits

The solution is designed for wind farm management companies working with tens or hundreds of installations for different clients in different regions. Kognifai provides the data infrastructure to move the EmPower applications to the cloud, thereby delivering a truly efficient workspace. Advanced sensors and edge computing can be easily applied, but the solution’s most important feature is that it provides a secure cloud-based environment fully aligned with all requirements for end-to-end security and critical infrastructure.

Market potential

In its World Energy Outlook 2019, the International Energy Agency predicts in the Sustainable Development Scenario that offshore wind could become the leading source of electricity generation in the European Union by 2040.

Kongsberg Digital is part of the leading international technology group Kongsberg Gruppen, one of Norway’s largest companies. KONGSBERG has supplied sensor systems and services to the wind power industry for more than 20 years.

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At a glance

  • Modular, cutting-edge decision support solution for wind power

  • Cuts costs and optimises production at wind farms

  • Ideal for both onshore and offshore wind farms



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