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IoT app makes industries greener, safer and more efficient

DigitalAssets apps from Digitread IoT help companies in various industries to manage and interpret IoT data. The apps provide valuable insights for improving efficiency and safety and reducing emissions.


Companies in a wide range of industries are recognising the need to make their operations more eco-friendly. One way of accomplishing this is to introduce Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to boost efficiency.

IIoT solutions feature smart sensors and other advanced technology that generate vast amounts of data. However, the data collected has little value unless personnel have a way to understand, analyse and apply the information.

App for managing and utilising IoT data

DigitalAssets is an app suite developed by Digitread IoT that enables many different industries to utilise IoT data, in order to simplify operating procedures, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Each DigitalAssets solution interfaces with a company’s existing hardware and software, extracting all relevant data and organising it into a user-friendly app.

The apps use advanced analytics and machine learning to provide a powerful dashboard, with alerts, analytics and insights in a user-friendly format. The apps also allow for predictive maintenance and remote inspection, monitoring and control, limiting the need for travel to different sites and thereby cutting carbon emissions.

YardManager, for example, one of Digitread IoT’s solutions for the maritime industry, collects shipyard sensor data in real time and send alerts when abnormal conditions are detected. This makes it possible for managers to prevent energy and resource waste and to quickly intervene in potentially dangerous situations.


Concrete benefits

DigitalAssets apps can help companies to prevent or rapidly respond to equipment and procedural failures. This can minimise damage to property and the environment, cut costs, reduce emissions and potentially save lives.

Digitread IoT uses a low-code development platform for DigitalAssets, for an extremely quick development cycle. The apps require minimal customisation, allowing for smaller companies to adopt the solution at a low cost and in a matter of days. It also means that changes can be made to the solution to add more assets or increase functionality as the user identifies more use cases.

Market potential

The global market for Industrial IoT is expected to reach USD 263 billion by 2027.

Among Digitread IoT’s customers are the maritime companies Scanship and Optimarin in Norway, and the Lürssen shipbuilding group in Germany.

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At a glance

  • Apps for monitoring, inspection, analysis and visualisation of IoT data

  • Quick development cycle makes it easy to implement Industrial IoT

  • Several solutions in use in the maritime industry



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