Intraday trading software for power producers and traders

During daily operations, producers may have extra capacity or experience sudden events providing opportunities for intraday trading. Powel software helps producers to take advantage of opportunities and address expected or unexpected changes in own production.

The power market is, moreover, constantly changing, with new markets being introduced. This makes accurate monitoring of sudden fluctuations increasingly complex. Intraday trading is also a great tool to reduce a producers’ imbalance cost.

Power producers and traders need a detailed production overview to facilitate monitoring, identify trends and explore new market opportunities.

Real-time decision support and automatic trading

Powel Intraday trading software brings together all relevant data in one system to provide this overview.

The Intraday solution is made up of four main modules covering open positions, market bids, available capacity, and automated trading. These can be added or removed as needed. The software is platform independent with a web-based user interface, and data can be stored in the cloud or directly on a company’s servers.

The software provides a direct link between the portfolio and the market and incorporates automated trading algorithms, enabling real-time trading. It also allows users to send multiple bids and notifications, and offers a wide range of other features as well.

Concrete benefits

European energy markets are becoming increasingly asset-centric. With focus on physical energy management and seamless communication with European power and gas markets, Powel Intraday trading software provides valuable insight into the physical assets behind trading activities, helping producers to extract maximum value from their assets and portfolios.

Moreover, unlike stock markets, energy markets are open 24/7. The Intraday solution allows producers to use algorithmic trading to participate round the clock.

Market potential

Traded volumes in the energy markets are growing steadily, and continued growth is anticipated. More and more unregulated power production and smaller producers will be entering the market, increasing both volatility and trading frequency and volume. Producers will have to work together with transmission system operators (TSOs) to ensure stable frequency and supply. Powel Intraday trading software and Powel Algotrader will facilitate this.

Founded in Norway in 1996, Powel is now an international corporation with 500 employees at offices in eight countries.

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Powel AS

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At a glance

  • Maximises efficiency in managing assets and portfolios

  • Provides stability in an increasingly volatile market

  • Strategic and operational decision support using timely, accurate information



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