Intelligent disinfection for hospitals and health institutions

Decon-X has developed a new disinfection method with no harmful chemicals for removing microbes in hospitals and food processing environments.

Hospital-acquired infections are a growing global problem. In Norwegian hospitals alone, each year more than 35 000 people are infected.

At the same time, hazardous microbes in food production facilities is a pressing challenge, with infection prevention high on the agenda.

Treatment and prevention of such infections is leading to an increase in multidrug-resistant organisms, as well as the use of disinfection methods using toxic chemicals.

Automatic disinfection

Decon-X has developed an automated disinfection method that safely and effectively removes bacteria, viruses and spores from surfaces and equipment.

The method works by filling a dry gas into a room, or other enclosed areas. The gas, made with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, does no damage to surfaces, equipment or plants. It breaks down into clean water and oxygen and leaves no harmful residue.

The Decon-X technology uses a combination of sensors, software and communication devices to ensure correct process and to alert the user of any anomalies. Verification of the process and alarms are sent via SMS and e-mail to the user. The solution also monitors the air and re-fills dry gas in the disinfection area to ensure an optimal removal of all microbes.

The entire process takes approximately two to three hours.

Concrete benefits

Decon-X’s disinfection system is a quick, no-touch solution that uses an eco-friendly disinfectant. It can lead to fewer deaths from hospital-acquired infections, as well as effectively preventing Listeria in food production.

The Decon-X technology automatically controls the process and ensures the removal of all microbes – and generates documentation. This makes it easy for operators to create good routines for disinfections.

Market potential

There is a huge and unmet need for removing microbes in hospitals, veterinary facilities and across food production chains. Norwegian hospitals alone can save more than USD 200 million on improved disinfection.

Decon-X launched the first version of its automated disinfection machine, DX1, in 2014. Norwegian food research institute Nofima has trialled the solution for two and a half years and confirmed that it removes listeria from meat processing facilities.

Decon-X systems are today in use in more than 120 health institutions in Norway, and in 2019, the technology was acquired for use in three of Norway’s largest animal hospitals.

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At a glance

  • Automatic disinfection for rooms and equipment

  • Dry gas kills all virus, bacteria and spores

  • No-touch process with no harmful chemicals



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