Improving indoor air quality

ClimaSmart is a ventilation and heat pump for private homes and offices. It reduces energy consumption and cuts costs.


In many apartments and office buildings, the costs of providing adequate ventilation and heating are high. At the same time, traditional solutions for ventilation and heating are often reliant on fossil fuels, as well as lacking in energy efficiency.

To make private homes and offices more energy efficient, as well as compliant with future regulations, new technology is needed.

Combined heat pump and ventilation system for buildings

ClimaSmart is a combined heat pump and ventilation system, providing heating, cooling and fresh air in one single unit. The system works by extracting energy from cool outside air, as well as from recycled indoor air.

ClimaSmart only requires indoor installation and has no outdoor unit. This means that ClimaSmart is an excellent option for apartments and offices which are not allowed to use traditional heat pumps.

The ClimaSmart unit can be connected to conventional ventilation ducts to distribute fresh air – hot or cold – to several rooms at once.

Using ClimaSmart, even old and protected buildings can attain high standards of indoor air quality.

ClimaSmart unit illustration

Illustration of the ClimaSmart unit.

RoMy Clima

Concrete benefits

ClimaSmart improves indoor air quality, while at the same time reducing energy consumption and costs. The system can be used in private homes, in small offices, or other buildings where heating, cooling and fresh air needs to be provided.

The current set-up serves a home of up to 200 square metres, or an office of up to 100 square metres, depending on use and number of people in the area. However, ClimaSmart is also scalable for larger spaces.

Market potential

ClimaSmart is currently being marketed towards the Nordic countries, because of strong economic incentives and regulatory requirements for energy efficiency in buildings. The target market, however, will gradually expand into the rest of the EU and to North America.

ClimaSmart was developed by RoMy Clima, a company founded in 2015 by experts with more than 25 years’ experience in the heating and ventilation industry.

ClimaSmart unit

The ClimaSmart unit.

RoMy Clima

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At a glance

  • Ventilation and heat pump for small to medium-sized buildings

  • Improves indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption

  • No outdoor fittings


Soon available
There are concrete plans to make the solution commercially available in the near future.

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals