Protecting cities, buildings and objects from rodent attacks

Pest control with bait and pesticides can be replaced with full perimeter protection, preventing the spread of environmentally hazardous substances.

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The use of poison for pest control creates environmental problems. Rats and mice who eat the poison spread it to surrounding areas, from where it makes its way into and accumulates in the food chain.

Moreover, today’s practice of setting single traps with pesticidal bait is neither cost-effective nor does it protect fully against mice and rats damaging property.

Keeping them out

GreenGuard is a fence system which eliminates the need for toxic pesticides. It creates a perimeter protection for buildings and outdoor areas using harmless electrical pulses to keep out rats and mice.

The fence keeps prevents the vermin from accessing food and drink in protected areas, resulting in them disappearing quickly without injury.

GreenGuard only requires a one-time installation for long-lasting, safe and reliable protection. It can easily be connected to sensors that monitor buildings, creating an integrated system.

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Concrete benefits

GreenGuard provides immediate protection against rats and mice, covering an entire perimeter with 24/7 monitoring in a cost-effective way.

Food producers can use the system to reduce the risk of pest infections and improve food safety in production facilities.

Since no toxic substances are involved, the system is safe to use and pet friendly.

Market potential

Rats and mice are among the most prevalent global pests, causing damage to private homes, warehouses, restaurants, farmland and many other sites. Safe and non-toxic prevention is thus in high demand.

TXGuardian is a tech company from Lillehammer, delivering advanced prevention services to businesses and through authorised retailers.

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