Improving energy efficiency in buildings and industry

Energy use in industrial production and office buildings is often wasteful. Eta Energi’s Green Tracker cuts energy bills and carbon emissions.

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Energy is becoming increasingly expensive, both economically and environmentally. There is, however, room for improving energy efficiency almost everywhere. And solutions are often simple and cost effective.

One of the main reasons such solutions are not implemented is a lack of awareness about the negative impacts of high energy consumption.

Complete overview

For a better visualisation of energy efficiency potential and return on investment, Eta Energi has developed Green Tracker together with IT company Sysco.

Green Tracker is a web-based energy and resource monitoring system. It demonstrates where and how technical systems can become more energy efficient – and the effect on energy use if something goes wrong.


Green Tracker provides a complete overview of energy, waste and water resources in buildings and outside areas – on shore and offshore.

Using Green Tracker, Eta Energi provides specialist advice on ways to increase energy efficiency in buildings and technical systems – as well as broader consulting on renewable energy, waste management, heat, ventilation and air conditioning.

Concrete benefits

Green Tracker lowers energy costs and reduces carbon footprint. It helps companies to optimise operational and maintenance schedules.

Increased control can lead to immediate energy savings of up to 5 per cent, even before physical measures have been implemented. For large energy consumers the system investment can therefore be paid off in months.

Market potential

Better energy use is crucial in any business sector and demand for energy management systems is growing. The global energy management market is projected to reach nearly USD 84 billion by 2026.

Eta Energi has provided energy management consulting since 2001.


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At a glance

  • User-friendly, web-based energy and resource monitoring system.

  • Improves control and visualises the effect of energy efficiency measures.

  • Lowers energy bills and reduces carbon footprint.



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