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Green mobility for smart cities

Mobility Park helps cities and municipalities to integrate electric cars, bicycles and scooters into their public transport systems. The company offers shared transportation as a service.

Large and small cities across the globe are looking for ways to alleviate strain on public transport systems, while at the same time cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

With smartphones becoming ubiquitous, there is an opportunity for radically smarter solutions for moving people around cities.

Shared mobility

Mobility Park delivers both small, standalone stations for sharing electric vehicles and comprehensive, city-wide mobility solutions.

The company supplies infrastructure, hardware and software, including charging stations, electric cars, electric bicycles and electric scooters. Everything can be booked and controlled via a simple app – no keys needed – allowing consumers to seamlessly transfer between public transport and shared electric vehicles.

Mobility Park, moreover, offers cities the capability to perform detailed analyses of how and by whom different transportation methods are used. This enables them to optimise the transport offering to their citizens.

Mobility Park’s APIs are open and can be easily integrated into public transport systems.

Concrete benefits

Mobility Park’s solutions for shared mobility can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from city transport. By helping people to share electric vehicles and move around cities in a smarter way, public transport systems will also be able to handle growing urban populations.

Market potential

The market for shared mobility is growing and will be worth almost USD 35 billion by 2025, according to global consultancy Roland Berger.

Mobility Park was created by Move About, Norway’s oldest electric mobility provider and ebike-sharing company WattWorld.

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Mobility Park AS

Ulvenveien 92A, NO- 0581 Oslo, Norway

+47 948 40 808

At a glance

  • System for shared electric vehicles

  • Delivers infrastructure, hardware and software

  • Reduces strain on public transport and cuts carbon emissions



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