Green hydrogen system speeds transition to clean energy

HydrogenPro’s advanced water electrolysis technology doubles the capacity of hydrogen plants and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


Hydrogen can be used as a clean energy source to heat homes and businesses. It also is changing the face of the transportation sector with fuel cell cars, commercial vehicles, trains, and vessels.

Conventional hydrogen production, however, is based on fossil fuel reforming, an inefficient process which emits greenhouse gases. Alternative production processes make hydrogen a more environment-friendly and viable energy source.

Pollutant-free green hydrogen

When produced by electrolysis, using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen does not produce any pollutants. The resulting “green hydrogen” is a low-greenhouse-gas-emitting and cost-competitive alternative to traditional hydrogen production.

HydrogenPro supplies customised green hydrogen plants based on advanced electrolyser technology provided by partner TianJin Mainland Hydrogen Equipment (THE). The modular systems are scalable for containerised solutions for small to medium plants, indoor installations, and large-scale hydrogen plants.

THE’s ISO-certified production unit in China has supplied about 400 electrolyser plants since it was established in 1994. The self-pressurising electrolysers eliminate the need for compressors for most industrial applications.

Concrete benefits

Hydrogen has the potential to decarbonise electricity generation, transportation and heating. Water electrolysis for hydrogen production has received increasing attention, especially for meeting the growing demand for renewable energy in commercial industries. This green hydrogen can have a range of applications including industrial feedstock, fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), and energy storage.

Market potential

Recent feasibility studies have demonstrated the potential for hydrogen applications. And the significant decline in the cost of wind and solar energy has opened the prospect of large-scale production of green hydrogen.

As conventional hydrogen is substituted with low-carbon hydrogen to reduce emissions, the demand for green hydrogen at petroleum refineries will increase. Moreover, opportunities for green hydrogen will grow as international carbon policies challenge industry players to develop more sustainable agribusiness.

HydrogenPro was established in 2013 by founders with many years of experience from the hydrogen and renewable energy industry.

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  • Scalable, modular systems for hydrogen plants

  • Advanced electrolyser technology

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from hydrogen production



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