Land-based fish farms for exclusive halibut

Using stone and recyclable materials, Glitne has built a sustainable, land-based fish farm for high-end halibut.

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Arve Ullebø

Aquaculture makes a vital contribution to global food production, but coastal fish farms must deal with a number of problems including water pollution, sea lice and fish escapes.

Moving fish farms on land, however, minimises many of these.


Arve Ullebø

The best of the sea, with minimal impact

At the edge of the world’s second largest fjord, Sognefjorden, Glitne has established an innovative production facility for halibut.

The land-based fish farm is built from local sourced stones and recyclable materials, with pools holding water at 9 °C, taken directly from the depths of Sognefjorden. In the pools, halibut is raised for four to five years.

Glitne’s pools reuse approximately 85 per cent of water thanks to a water oxygenation system and sludge handling from Blue Ocean Technology. This means the environmental impact from farming is minimal.

The halibut itself, meanwhile, is raised in peaceful surroundings with excellent fish welfare, ensuring the highest quality food.

Concrete benefits

Land-based fish farms are more environment-friendly than conventional facilities, producing considerably less discharge and eliminating fish escapes. They also give fish farmers greater control of production conditions, enabling fish to thrive in an optimal setting. On top of this, the Glitne farms are created with care and blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

Market potential

Halibut is the largest of the flatfish. Farming began in the 1980s, but has only in recent years started to flourish.

Land-based farms are still a rarity – though they may not be for long. With the success of Glitne and other producers, land-based halibut farming is an industry waiting to take off.

Glitne is planning a larger and even more environment-friendly fish farm, with construction scheduled to begin in 2019.

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Todd Saunders

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At a glance

  • Land-based fish farm by the world’s second largest fjord

  • Sustainable production of snow white halibut

  • Minimal environmental impact from farming



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