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Hy5 has developed the world’s first hydraulic actuated hand prosthesis. The prosthesis is produced using 3D printing and is designed to give users optimal mobility and a better quality of life.


Amputees and congenital amputees have somewhat limited options when it comes to prosthetic technology. They are offered either standard myoelectric grippers with partial functionality or an advanced, bionic-like hand prosthesis. Both can have drawbacks in the form of underutilisation or inadequate functionality, or both.

Moreover, many people in developing countries do not have access to fully functional prosthetic hands. The most advanced prostheses – if they are available – are far out of their price range, while the affordable ones have a limited set of functions.

Cost-effective solution with optimal functionality

Hy5 has designed a prosthesis to fill the gap between cosmetic prostheses, standard myoelectric grippers, and premium, bionic-like hand prostheses.

MyHand is manufactured out of lightweight 3D-printed titanium and plastic, making it both comfortable and cost effective. The micro-hydraulic technology provides a strong grip, thereby improving utilisation.

Production using 3D printing not only cuts costs, it also creates less waste and consumes less energy than traditional production methods. In addition, the hand can be disassembled in approximately 30 minutes for quick recycling.


Concrete benefits

MyHand offers advanced motion control and flexibility with critical functionality and user comfort at a reasonable price. It has been designed with high functionality, robustness and cost effectiveness foremost in mind, which is also essential when bringing prosthetics into developing markets.

MyHand broadens the variety of options available to amputees. This allows individuals to select a prosthetic device that bests fit their lifestyle, thereby improving their quality of life.

Market potential

The hand prosthetic market is very fragmented. Due to the high cost of the most advanced prosthetics, the market has targeted developed areas of the world, while less developed areas have been left out.

The lack of a well-functioning health and treatment system, including collaboration and equipment, makes it difficult and expensive for companies to enter the market and follow up patients in these areas.

Hy5 will continue to utilise human talent and exponential technology to increase efficiency and maintain high functionality, adapting its prosthetic hand to meet the needs of users in developed and less developed areas alike.

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Raufoss Industripark, Bygning 18, 2830 RAUFOSS, Norway


At a glance

  • World’s first hydraulic hand prosthesis

  • Energy-efficient manufacturing using 3D printing

  • Comfortable and lightweight, with good functionality and an affordable price



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