Four-wheeled e-bike with full weather protection

Podbike represents the next generation of electric cycles. The Podbike has four wheels, a protective cover and electric support for speeds up to 25 km/h.

Passenger cars account for 60 per cent of total carbon emissions from road transport in Europe. And, according to the OECD, local emission from fossil fuel vehicles kill 250 000 Europeans every year.

The majority of daily transport by passenger cars, meanwhile, are short journeys from home to work or school. In Norway, for instance, trips under 15 kilometres account for more than 80 per cent of all car rides.

Such short trips are the easiest to replace with alternative, emission-free modes of transport. But still only few people use electric bicycles, or e-bikes, for their daily transport needs. To encourage more people to take up emission-free transport modes, more attractive alternatives are clearly needed.

Electric velomobile

The Podbike velomobile is part of a radical shift in el-assisted vehicles aimed at replacing short car trips. By merging some of the comfort of cars with all the benefits of cycling, the Podbike makes cycling both more accessible and attractive for a larger group of people.

The Podbike is a four-wheeled e-bike with a protective cover, or pod, ensuring the cyclist is shielded from the weather and other elements. Under the cover, the Podbike seats one adult and one child. It may also tow a bicycle trailer for two additional children.

The Podbike is built on patented technology. It is designed in accordance with EU regulations for pedelecs – “pedal electric cycle” – and Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC). As a pedelec, the Podbike is permitted to ride wherever regular bicycles are allowed, and it is only slightly wider than a regular bicycle trailer.

The Podbike is not yet on the market, but is ready for pre-order in Europe and selected other markets. It is designed for manufacturing at large volumes.

Further down the line, the Podbike’s technology can be developed for autonomous operations.

Concrete benefits

The Podbike is a low-cost alternative to small passenger cars. It has zero emissions, no road tax or registration, and no requirement for a driving licence. It offers access to bike lanes and roads, predictable travel times, and easy parking.

The Podbike makes it possible to avoid traffic congestion, while at the same time giving the rider exercise without being too strenuous. As a new mode of transport, it can connect people and places in a unique way, providing a practical and healthy alternative to cars in urban areas.

Market potential

The Podbike is targeting the private car market, particularly in urban areas, as well as the existing market for e-bikes. In Europe in 2018 there were sold 15.6 million new passenger cars and 2.3 mill new e-bikes in Europe. A 2 per cent market conversion would lead to an addressable market of 350 000 units per year.

Based on market research into end users’ prioritised characteristics for a personal transport vehicle, Podbike outperfoms state-of-the-art solutions in the existing markets segments. For cars, the Podbike offers a better price, environmental profile and transport effectiveness. For regular e-bikes, the Podbike offers better safety, comfort and weather protection.

Podbike AS was founded in 2016 by a team of experienced engineers and creative enthusiasts.

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Podbike AS

Forus Lab, Svanholmen 1, NO-4033 Stavanger, Norway


At a glance

  • Fully covered cycle with electric pedalling support

  • Four wheels for safety and stability

  • Affordable, zero-emission alternative to cars in urban areas



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